Inaugural Season

Shasta ProAm



Shasta ProAm
1st stop

PRO : $785 CO : $385

LATE FEE : WAIVED for this event




LAUNCH SITE: Bridge Bay Marina

Tournament Details

 – Schedule of Events

Notice: A text message will be sent prior to the event with necessary information.

    Now – Feb 18th:

      • Open Practice

    Feb 19-20:

      • Off limits – No fishing – No information

    Wednesday Feb 21:

      • Practice Day (sunrise to sunset)
      • See rule 9 for specifics

    Thursday Feb 22:

    • Practice Day (sunrise – 4:30PM – Inside the 5 MPH zone and no longer fishing)
    • See rule 9 for specifics

    Check In Thursday Feb 22

      • Food and drinks will be available for purchase at Huff’s
      • Liability waver, Mussel form sent via text
      • Mandatory Tournament check in at Huff’s or at the BAM trailer – 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM @ Huff’s **
      • Fill out W9 form
      • Provide a Tackle Warehouse receipt dated with 30 days of check in for a chance at the random $500 or $250 contingency prize
      • Mandatory Pre-Tournament meeting at Huff’s 6:30 to 7:30**
      • Text with partner draw (flights will be announced at the meeting)

    Friday Feb 23:

      • 5AM Boat check opens at the BAM release boat at Bridge Bay Marina (all boats must go through boat check before starting the tournament)
      • Blast off at safe light (time announced at the pre-tournament meeting)
      • Afternoon check in at the BAM Boat 5MPH bouy Bridge Bay Marina
      • Weigh in starts about 3PM

    Saturday Feb 24:

      • Blast off at safe light at the 5 MPH bouy Bridge Bay Marina*
      • Afternoon check in at the BAM Boat 5MPH bouy Bridge Bay Marina
      • Weigh in starts about 3PM
      • Award the Tackle Warehouse contingency winners during weigh in
      • Top 20 announced directly after weighing in (top 20 must be present for draw)

    Sunday Feb 25:

      • Blast off safe light at the 5 MPH bouy Bridge Bay Marina*
      • Afternoon check in at the BAM Boat 5MPH bouy Bridge Bay Marina
      • Weigh in starts about 3PM
      • Award the Bass Boat Technology contingency
      • Award the Garmin contingency
      • Crown a Champion and pay the field at Huff’s banquet room shortly after Sunday’s weigh in.

    – Boat check will each morning at the Live Release boat (times will be announced at the pre-tournament meeting)

    – National anthem and morning blast off will be at the 5 MPH buoy from the BAM boat.

    Lake Shasta Medical Plan

     On staff first aid: Mark Lassagne, Red Cross First Aid Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED trained.

     First aid station located at the side door on the weigh-in trailer equipped with basic first aid kit – No AED device provided.

    If you’re in need of emergency services or medical care near Redding, CA, here are some key resources you can contact:

     Mercy Medical Center Redding offers a full range of services, including emergency care. They are open 24 hours and located at 2175 Rosaline Ave, Redding, CA 96001. You can contact them at (530) 225-6000

     Shasta Regional Medical Center also provides 24-hour emergency services, located at 1100 Butte Street, Redding, CA 96001. Their emergency room phone number is (530) 244-5353.

     Hilltop Medical Clinic offers a variety of services, including telemedicine and in-office services. They are open from 8 am to 4 pm, and online registration opens at 7 am. They’re located at 1093 Hilltop Drive, Redding. For more information, you can call (530) 221-1565.

     Prestige Urgent Care provides walk-in urgent care and a range of other medical services. They’re located at 3689 Eureka Way, Redding, CA 96001, and can be reached at (530) 244-4577. They also have a location at 85 Hartnell Ave, Suite 100, Redding, CA 96002, which can be contacted at (530) 262-6001. Prestige Urgent Care also offers telemedicine services.

     Remember, in case of a life-threatening emergency, you should call 911 immediately.

    Off Limits

    Off Limits

    Bridge Bay Marina launch / blast off site inside the 5MPH buoys is off-limits.

     Fishing tournament participants may not fish within 200 feet of marina docks as per the USDA Forest Service. – details will be announced at the meeting or as soon as we clarify with the Forest Service.

    Event Sponsors


    Welcome Bridge Bay as the Host Marina and Hotel for the inaugural BAM Pro-Am event.

    Bridge Bay will discount hotel rooms for anglers (approx. 30%) – just let the staff know you’re booking for the BAM Tournament.

    Houseboats are available for $300 a night – they sleep approximately 7 and there is room to park / charge bass boats next to the houseboats

    Slips are available at $30 a night, however there are only 16 with power

    We will have discounted launch passes at the check in for $20 a day, saving you $5 a day and speed up the morning launch.


    Rosters to be released on Thursday Feb 22nd

    Live Video


    Day 1 Weigh-in 3pm PST


    Day 2 Weigh-in 3pm PST


    Championship Sunday 3pm PST



    Contingency Programs

    Bass Boat Technology

    BassCat Quest

    The standard Quest program, for Quest events with 60 participants or 30 Boats in team/draw competitions there will be a $250.00 incentive. Tournaments with 60 Boats in team/draw competitions and/or 120 anglers can accrue $500.00 for each tournament win under guidelines established below. Events with over 100 Boats and/or 200 anglers can achieve $1,000.00 in incentive monies. Each Owner may qualify for up to $2,000.00 or two major wins, in annual Quest incentives when participating in local and regional events, outside of the Double UP.

    Bass Boat Technology Mounts

    Bass Boat Technologies will award the highest finishing pro angler who is equipped with
    a complete BBT mount on their boat.

    • $500 for each Pro Tour event
    • $250 for each pro-am event.
    • Complete mount constitutes BBT main mount, with offset bracket.
    • Having the BBT gimbal mounts does not constitute a complete mount.
    • The final decision will be at the discretion of BAM officials.

    Garmin Rewards Program

    • The top placing angler of a Garmin-sponsored fishing tournament, which is part
      of the tournament rewards program, from a boat equipped exclusively with
      mounted Garmin marine electronics.
      • Will be awarded $300 as part of Garmin Tournament Rewards.
      • Additionally, the top placing angler with a Garmin Force Trolling Motor, will
        be awarded $200.
      • Qualifying tournaments must have 20 boats or more participating.

    Ranger Cup Tournament Rewards Program

    • As of 01/23/2024, all program details and events show 2024.
      • BAM is submitted but not included.

    Phoenix First Flight

    Bass Fishing Contingency Program | Phoenix Boats

    • As of 01/23/2024, all program details and events show 2024.
      • BAM has submitted the information but not included yet.

    Skeeter Real Money

    • As of 01/23/2024, all program details and events show 2024.

    Toyota Bonus Bucks

    We have requested information and waiting to hear back.

    Vexus Revolution Rewards

    • As of 01/23/2024, all program details and events show 2024.
      • BAM is included.

    Yamaha Power Pay

    • All program details and events still say 2023, here is the list of events which BAM is not included in.
    • Yamaha Power Pay Events & Payouts | Yamaha Power Pay
    • BAM Yamaha Contingency – BAM has been submitted with a tentative approval but waiting to be listed on the website.
      • Pro Tour
        • Highest Placing Eligible Entrant – receives $1500.
      • Pro-Am
        • Highest Placing Eligible Entrant – receives $1000.
      • Pro-Am Championship
        • Highest Placing Eligible Entrant – receives $2000.

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