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Pro Tour

our commitment

At BAM, we are dedicated to harnessing the power of our multimedia platform to spotlight the talents of our professional anglers. Our mission is to provide you with a prominent podium through a multimedia and tournament platform. BAM Pro Tour will propel our anglers into a household name while facilitating your journey to compete at the highest level our entire region offers. Our commitment is not just to the sport, the industry, and the fans, but to the individuals who make it legendary.

We are excited to raise the media exposure and tournament opportunities to the highest level our region has ever witnessed.

Congratulations on your exclusive invitation to the 2024 BAM Pro Tour.

Mark Lassagne, CEO 

tour stops

Proposed tour dates.


April 5-7 - Arizona - Lake Martinez


May 31-June 2 - California - Lake Almanor


July 26-28 - Oregon - Boardman


September 20-22 - California - Afterbay


TOC October 24-26 - California - Delta

Our goals

1. Spotlighting Professional Anglers: The tour aims to use its print, online, social and video platforms to highlight and celebrate the skills and abilities of professional anglers. 

2. Supporting Angler Sponsorship: The tour will provide a platform for anglers to attract new sponsors and expand their existing sponsorship base. This support is crucial for the financial sustainability of professional anglers. 

3. Leveraging Media Platforms: BAM TT Pro Tour intends to leverage its media platforms effectively to promote both the sport and the individual anglers. This includes utilizing various forms of multimedia to engage with fans and followers. 

4. Raising Athlete Profiles: The tour’s ultimate goal is to make their professional anglers well-known household names, elevating them to a higher level of recognition and prominence throughout our region. 

5. Commitment to the Industry: The tour is dedicated to supporting the bass fishing industry, which includes manufacturers, retailers, and other stakeholders who contribute to the sport’s growth and success. 

6. Commitment to Fans: The organization values its fans and is dedicated to providing them with an exciting and engaging experience, fostering a sense of connection between fans and the sport. 

In summary, the mission statement of BAM TT Pro Tour underscores its dedication to professional anglers, the promotion of the sport, and its commitment to fans, sponsors, and the industry as a whole. 

Projected Payout Schedule

Projected Payouts based on $2250 entry fee with 40 & 60 boats are listed below. Championship Holdback will be $225 per entry in each of the four regular season events. 

AOY Holdback will be $50 per entry in each of the four regular season events. 

Big Fish will be $25 per entry at each regular season event paying back 100% to the big fish winner of the event. 

AOY Prize Projections

40 Boat Projection: Next season entry fees of $9000 

60 Boat Projection: Next season entry fees of  $9,000 plus $6000 cash

CHAMPIONSHIP INVITATIONAL QUALIFCATION: BAMTT PRO TOUR will qualify 40% of the final field based on the AOY points. There are no throw outs for BAM PRO TOUR events. The final qualification field will include each event winner who also participated in all of the season events offered by BAMTT PRO TOUR. 


40 boats X .40 = 16 AOY qualifiers + 4 event winners = 20 total qualifiers. 

60 boats X .40 = 24 AOY qualifiers + 4 event winners = 28 total qualifiers. 

The field may be rounded up/down at BAM Pro Tour’s discretion. 

Trophies awarded to the top five and overall Big Fish. 

40 boat season projection

Regular Season Payout – Big Fish $1000 
Championship Payout with a $2250 entry – $85,000 payout

Angler Media Opportunities

Our goal is to build up your individual media worth through the execution of the below listed items. Building your brand / your worth will in turn lift the entire Pro Tour. We have and will continue to create a brand of high media content which is executed by print, email releases, web traffic, video, live updates, and live coverage.

  • Web Page – You will have your own online page on with your image, sponsors, and bio. 
  • Media guaranteed – we will work with every angler possible to ensure you are covered in our media campaigns. (we will provide opportunities to different anglers to ensure everyone is included) 
  • Community day obligation – a few anglers who do not make the final day cut will be asked to stay and help with a community day and or tournament commentary. (we will provide opportunities to different anglers to ensure everyone is included) 
  • Live coverage – each day we will have several live segments where there are opportunities to go live. (pre-tournament, morning of, on the water, weigh-in, post event day) 
  • Bass Angler Magazine – BAM will cover each event in print and online where anglers will have the opportunity to be highlighted in both venues. (we will provide opportunities to different anglers to ensure everyone is included) This will begin in Spring of 2024. 
  • Each pro tour event will have a one-hour YouTube and streaming TV show where anglers will have the opportunity to be on camera while on the water. This coverage will include weigh-ins, post weigh, post event or commentary. 
  • Angler media opportunities – at each event we will work with the local community to provide a resource for them and bring the community to our events. 
  • TourneyX – at each event TourneyX will be our leaderboard where fans can follow along. These events garner a large audience that anglers and the organization both have the opportunity to use. 
  • Current events along with results will have a prominent place on the website where fans can easily follow along with the daily events. 
  • Press releases – BAM will issue up to five press releases for each event (pre-event, each day, post-event, and the final story with the top ten baits) Press releases will feature your thoughts, opinions, and results. These releases will be sent to 200+ media sources reaching over 100,000 anglers per day. 

Boat Decals

Decals will be provided by BAM Tournament Trail

Jersey Logo Placement