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New Hood Bow Mount Information from BBT

Nov 9, 2023News0 comments

This New “Hood” style Bow mount design further improves BBT bow mounts and continues as the “Leader in Innovations” to electronic mounting solutions.

BBT’s main endeavor is to design new products as well as improve existing Dash and Bow mounts. This New “Hood” type Bow mount does exactly what it was named for, it is like Raising the Hood on your vehicle to get to the engine components, except it allows access to your wiring under the Bow panel.

The “Hood” style Bow mounts:

1. Does allow you access to your wires in the bow area without removing the main bow plate.

2. It also allows you to thru-bolt the main bow panel so you don’t have to worry about the holes getting stripped out using SS wood screws in the Fiberglass, which gives you peace of mind that you know that it will hold up in the roughest water conditions.

3. BBT also added nut inserts into the main plate for the Leveler to attach to the main plate.

4. You will be able to take out 4 machine screws and rotate the top over so you can get access to that area.

5. The New “Hood” mount should also make installation much easier because you have new easy access that you have never had before.

BBT’s goal is to make this “Hood” style mount for as many brands and year model boats as possible. The only limitation is the size of the factories’ bow panel size. We need to be able to fit the components and laser cut out an access hole in the bow panels and still have a good amount of material left over for the main panels attachment to the boat without giving up mounting integrity.

All bows are not the same, some of the bow’s fiberglass is cut out at the factory either by having a flush mounted graph or they cut it out for their access to the bow area for rigging purposes, so that being said, some models like the Nitro models that have a 3/8” HDPE plate over the Bow area (which works with our current bow mount for that boat), you would need to mark the access hole from our plate to the HDPE plate and cut that out so you will have a access hole there when you install the new mount. The same goes for any boat that has not been cut out at the factory.

BBT is working on these new style mounts and sending them out for testing and fitment. Once approved, you will have this choice in the Drop Down boxes on the order spec pages of your Brand and Model Boat Dual and Triple Bow mounts. If you are wondering if we have your particular bow or are working on it, then you can email from the website “Contact” page at the top of the Menu screen.