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Jason Austin: From Military Service to Fishing Excellence

Dec 12, 2023Pro Tour0 comments

A Seasoned Angler’s Journey to the BAM Pro Tour

Jason Austin, hailing from Ione, CA, is not your average angler. With a military background and a competitive spirit that runs deep, he has made his mark in the world of professional fishing. His journey to qualify for the 2023 APEX Pro Tour and his impressive list of accomplishments tell the story of a determined and skilled angler.

A Record of Consistency

Since earning his qualification for the APEX Pro Tour in 2022, Jason Austin has been on an impressive streak. In just a short span, he has secured seven top-10 finishes, showcasing his ability to consistently perform at a high level in a competitive field. Additionally, he boasts one major win, further solidifying his status as a formidable angler.

A Man of Action

Jason Austin is not one to boast or talk a big game. Instead, he lets his actions on the water do the talking. Internally recognized as one of the fiercest competitors on tour, he channels his focus and determination into his performance. When it comes to the world of competitive fishing, Jason is all business.

The Tools of the Trade

In Jason Austin’s arsenal, you’ll find some trusted companions: a flippin’ stick, a football head jig rod, and a frog. These staples are essential for his fishing style and strategy, enabling him to tackle a wide range of conditions and challenges on the water.

Partnerships that Matter

Jason Austin has forged valuable partnerships with several noteworthy companies and brands. Some of his partners include Dish Network, Accell Marketing, Torch Eyewear, Hookd, Salon Envey, Sierra Tree Specialists, and RM Flooring Inc. These partnerships not only support his angling endeavors but also reflect his ability to connect with like-minded businesses in the industry.

Embracing the BAM Pro Tour

Jason Austin’s decision to fish the BAM Pro Tour in 2024 is grounded in his belief in what the West Coast fishing scene needs. His participation in the APEX Pro Tour provided excitement and a refreshing experience, and he is honored to continue his journey with the BAM Pro Tour. His dedication to qualifying in 2021 showcases his commitment to this next chapter in his angling career.

In his own words, Jason Austin states, “BAM Pro Tour continues bringing what West coast fishing needs. I was a part of the APEX Pro Tour; it was exciting and refreshing! I am honored and proud to be a part of BAM Pro Tour. One of the most challenging goals I focused on was trying to qualify in 2021, that season it was my only objective. I want to do my part to help build the BAM Pro Tour brand for future generations. I look forward to hoisting up one of them beautiful trophies!!”

Jason Austin’s journey from military service to the BAM Pro Tour is a testament to his unwavering dedication, his impressive track record on the water, and his passion for advancing the sport of competitive fishing. As he sets his sights on the BAM Pro Tour, there’s no doubt that his contributions will be instrumental in shaping the future of West Coast angling.

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