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Jake Arbuckle – Journey to the BAM Pro Tour is a Tale of Perseverance and Tenacity

Jan 2, 2024News, Pro Tour0 comments

Known for facing challenges head-on, Jake Arbuckle set his sights on the APEX Pro Tour from its inception in 2021. Embracing the pressure, he made no secret of his ambitions, publicly acknowledging the difficulty of qualifying for such a competitive arena. Despite setbacks in 2021 and 2022, where he did not qualify, Jake doubled down on his efforts.

In 2023, his relentless determination paid off. With two top 10 finishes and a top 5 placement in Angler of the Year (AOY) points, Jake earned his place among an elite cadre of anglers. This accomplishment was more than just a personal victory; it was a testament to his unwavering commitment to the sport and his ability to compete at the highest levels. Joining the ranks of the best in one tour, Jake Arbuckle has proven that resilience and a steadfast approach to goals can indeed turn aspirations into achievements.

-Top 10 Finishes: Jake has achieved an impressive tally of three top 10 finishes, indicating a consistent level of high performance in tournaments.

Tools of the Trade

– Equipment: He operates with top-tier fishing gear and technology, utilizing a Vexus boat equipped with a reliable Mercury engine and Lowrance electronics. This combination suggests a commitment to using advanced tools to enhance his fishing strategy and efficiency on the water.


– Partnerships: Jake has secured a partnership with T&T Trucking, which provides essential support and resources, contributing to his ability to compete effectively on the professional bass fishing circuit.

Why the BAM Pro Tour

Jake Arbuckle’s decision to participate in the BAM Pro Tour can be attributed to several motivating factors:

1. Aspiration for Elite Competition: Jake has consistently shown a desire to compete at the highest level. The BAM Pro Tour represents the pinnacle of professional bass fishing, attracting the most skilled anglers in the sport.

2. Demonstration of Skill: By joining the BAM Pro Tour, Jake can showcase his fishing prowess on a larger stage, proving himself against other top competitors.

3. Greater Exposure for Sponsorship: The visibility that comes with competing in the BAM Pro Tour can lead to better sponsorship deals and partnerships, benefiting my career financially and providing more opportunities to collaborate with leading brands.

4. Community and Camaraderie: Being part of the BAM Pro Tour allows Jake to be among a community of peers who share his dedication and passion, fostering camaraderie and networking opportunities.

Jake Arbuckle’s participation in the BAM Pro Tour is the culmination of his enduring commitment to the sport and a reflection of his readiness to engage with the best in the field.

About BAM Tournament Trail

The Bass Angler Magazine Tournament Trail (BAM TT) is an exclusive west coast pro level tournament circuit. BAM TT delivers multiple opportunities to showcase the talents of western anglers on several professional platforms.

As BAM TT continues to provide and refine a platform of elite events for competitive anglers, it simultaneously creates a logical avenue for sponsors to have direct contact with our west coast customers. BAM TT is dedicated to creating a complete package of advertising opportunities including on-site activation, internet/social media, and a YouTube series that reaches a large number of viewers each day.

Tournament events include BAM Pro Tour, Pro-Am and a Kayak Tour with a no entry Championship can be viewed on YouTube.  Learn more here: BAM TRAIL, FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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