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Introducing Bass Angler Magazine Tournament Trail

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Introducing the New Tournament Trail: Bass Angler Magazine Launches Exciting tournament Series.

[Dixon, CA ] – Bass Angler Magazine is proud to announce the launch of

its highly anticipated tournament series, the “Bass Angler Magazine Tournament Trail.”

Aka BAM Tournament Trail is designed to revolutionize the competitive bass fishing, the Tournament Trail promises to be a thrilling experience for anglers of all levels. With its unique format and attractive prizes, this trail aims to create a vibrant community of passionate anglers, all united by their love for bass fishing.

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As a leading publication in the fishing industry, Bass Angler Magazine understands the importance of fostering camaraderie and sportsmanship among anglers while promoting the conservation of our precious aquatic resources. The Tournament Trail reflects these core values, and participants can expect an environment that encourages fair play, skill enhancement, and sustainable fishing practices.

Key Highlights of the Tournament Trail:

Multiple Stages and Diverse Locations: The Tournament Trail will feature multiple stages held at various scenic and strategically selected fishing locations across the west. Anglers will face diverse challenges, adapting their skills to different waters, weather conditions, and bass behavior.

Open to All Skill Levels: Whether you are a seasoned pro or a passionate novice, the Tournament Trail welcomes all bass fishing enthusiasts. With skill-based divisions, every angler has a chance to shine and win remarkable prizes.

Community Engagement: The Tournament Trail seeks to build a strong community of like-minded anglers. Participants will have access to an online platform where they can connect, share experiences, and learn from each other. This virtual community will enrich the overall tournament experience and extend the sense of camaraderie beyond the waters.

Pro-Ams – Featuring a No entry fee championship

#1 – Feb 23-25, Lake Shasta

#2 –March 15-17 Oroville

#3 – April 26-28 Delta

#4 – Tri-Cities – June 28-30

#5 – Clear Lake October 4-6

No Entry Fee Championship – Berryessa Nov 15-17

Special event May 17-19 Delta – TBA

Kayak Tour –Featuring a No entry fee championship

#1 Tulloch March9

#2 Rollins April20

#3 Trinity June22

#4 Delta CC Sept7

Kayak Championship Lake Berryessa Sept 28-29

BAM Pro Tour

The BAM Pro Tour will be made up from the highest performing professional anglers based on their performance during the 2023 season. These anglers will compete at the highest levels our region offers. The BAM Pro Tour will bring media capabilities to our anglers never seen before in our region.

BAM will feature anglers in the print magazine, on their social media platforms (120k+ followers), utilize YouTube to broadcast events, and is planning live on the water coverage. We have an established media platform with plans to enhance it at all levels to help our anglers promote their partners, The BAM Pro Tour, and the entire industry. This will enhance their ad worth and help them sustain their fishing careers. BAM is the media juggernaut that brings local, regional, and national recognition to focus on our anglers. We will raise the level of the professional tour to levels never attained before in our region.

Pro Tour Qualifiers – List of current invites

Last First Qualifying Tour
Arbuckle Jake WWBT
Austin Jason APEX
Cloutier Nicholas APEX
Hurtado Vince APEX
Mah Ken APEX
Ponting William APEX
Richard Zach WWBT
Boomer Jake APEX
Bradshaw Jason APEX
Crist Cody MLF
Dalton Earl APEX
Deakin Adam MLF
Demecs Conrad MLF
Faber Ty MLF
Franceschi Tony APEX
Friend Ryan WWBT/APEX
Gutierrez Greg APEX
Harris Kerry APEX
Hicks Justin MLF
Hines Billy APEX
Hodges Paul APEX
Joudrey Beau APEX
Kinley Chris MLF
Klien Todd MLF
Lafever Stan APEX
Lawrence Marty APEX
Leber Brett MLF
Lee Hayden APEX
McAbee Mason APEX
McAbee Randy APEX
Monroe Ish APEX
Nadeau Mathew APEX
Okerman Karl APEX
O’shinn Bill APEX
Pearson Colby APEX
Salvucci Nick MLF/APEX
Shelton Daniel APEX
Swenseid David APEX
Touey Patrick MLF
Thompson Zack APEX
Uribe Jr Joe WWBT/APEX
Valdivia David MLF
Venkus Timothy APEX
Woods Todd WON
Justin Kerry WON
Shane Edgar WON
Garrett Howard WON
Daylon Smith WON
Max Hernandez WON
Dylan Maxon WON
Tom White Jr WON
Jim Vertzos WON
Cameron Kaber WON

Bass Angler Magazine’s Tournament Trail is scheduled to kick off in [Feb, 2024]. Angler registration is available now at The trail’s official rules, schedule, and additional details will also be available on the website.

As the fishing world eagerly anticipates the start of this groundbreaking tournament series, Bass Angler Magazine invites fishing enthusiasts, sponsors, and media partners to join in the excitement and support the growth of this vibrant bass fishing community.

About BAM Tournament Trail

The Bass Angler Magazine Tournament Trail (BAM TT) is an exclusive west coast pro level  tournament circuit. BAM TT delivers multiple opportunities to showcase the talents of western anglers on several professional platforms.

As BAM TT continues to provide and refine a platform of elite events for competitive anglers, it simultaneously creates a logical avenue for sponsors to have direct contact with our west coast customers. BAM TT is dedicated to creating a complete package of advertising opportunities including on-site activation, internet/social media, and a YouTube series that reaches a large number of viewers each day.

Tournament events include BAM Pro Tour, Pro-Am and a Kayak Tour with a no entry Championship can be viewed  YouTube.  Learn more about the BAM TOUR at  Facebook,, Twitter, and Instagram.

Media / Advertising Contact Mark Lassagne 

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