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Home Waters Call: Billy Hines Joins 2024 BAM Pro Tour

Feb 6, 2024News, Pro Tour0 comments

Billy Hines, a name synonymous with competitive fishing excellence, has chosen to bring his expertise back to the familiar waters of Northern California. After an impressive five-year tenure on the MLF tour, Billy is ready to cast his line closer to home, joining the APEX Pro Tour in 2023, and now the 2024 BAM Pro Tour. It’s a move that celebrates his deep family roots and commitment to his local community.

Business Savvy Meets Competitive Spirit

With a keen business sense sharpened by his successful Fence and Iron enterprise, Billy understands that the world of professional angling is multifaceted. His presence is a constant at industry events, supporting his partners from local exhibitions to the ICAST show in Florida. Billy’s relentless support for his sponsors showcases his belief in mutual growth and partnership.

Billy’s Partnerships: Gone Fishin’ Marine, Ranger, Mercury, Garmin, Bioenno Power, Simms, Blade Runner, Power Pole, Top This Outfitters, Frenzy Baits, Hines Custom Fence & Iron, Vaca Valley Auto Parts, Strike King, Lews, Wingsetter Calls, Trick Fishing, Spearpoint Fishing.

A Heart for Community and Innovation

Billy’s personal ethos is reflected in his community involvement and entrepreneurial ventures. Known for his generous spirit and innovative approach, he has brought his full-throttle competitive nature from motocross to fishing. His dedication extends beyond competitions, with his family business and his innovative brand, Trick Fishing Products, demonstrating his commitment to the angling community.

Why the BAM Pro Tour? A Decision Rooted in Passion

Choosing the BAM Pro Tour for 2024, Billy Hines aligns his professional journey with his personal passion and family values. His decision is a powerful statement of his dedication to his roots, his love for the sport, and his desire to contribute meaningfully to the fishing community that has supported his career every step of the way.

Looking Ahead: The Next Chapter for a Local Hero

As Billy prepares to make a splash on the BAM Pro Tour, his story unfolds as one of inspiration and local pride. It’s a narrative that celebrates a seamless blend of professional accolades and community spirit, where each tournament is not just a competition but a homecoming.

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