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Headwaters Adventure Company Partners with BAM Tournament Trail – Kayak Series

Dec 12, 2023News0 comments

Headwaters Adventure Company, an industry leader in the West Coast Kayak business, proudly announces its official partnership with the Bass Angler Magazine Tournament Trail- Kayak Series.

As the Kayak Series prepares to kick off its debut season, this collaboration promises to elevate the stature of the tournament.

Bryan Anondson of Headwaters Adventure Company said, “Backing the West Coast kayak anglers and the organizations that support them has always been a priority for us. Our commitment is driven by our esteemed customers’ fervor for the sport.” This sentiment resonates with Bass Angler Magazine’s devotion to fostering growth within the industry and helping individuals shine in their craft.

Kayak Series Tournament Director, Michael Bray, praised Headwaters Adventure Company, saying, “They combine the warmth and personal touch of a family-run store with the impeccable service and reliability that anglers and paddlers seek.”

**About Headwaters Adventure Company**

Offering an extensive range of kayak brands such as Hobie, Old Town, Crescent, Eddyline, and Dagger Kayaks, Headwaters Adventure Company is dedicated to serving both seasoned anglers and regular paddling aficionados. Their inventory boasts accessories from top-tier brands, including Yak-Attack, Ram Mounts, NRS, Z-Pro Lithium, Power Pole, and more, ensuring a tailored experience for all. Matt Guthrie, affectionately dubbed Matt Mandu, brings a unique flair to customizing each vessel to its owner’s preferences.

**About BAMTT- Kayak Series**

Bass Angler Magazine Tournament Trail - Kayak Presented by Bass Angler Magazine Tournament Trail and spearheaded by Mark Lassagne, the Kayak Series aspires to redefine the image of the West Coast Kayak angler, emphasizing utmost professionalism. The series will feature four regular season events, culminating in a Championship at Lake Berryessa on September 28th and 29th, 2024. Michael Bray, always available for inquiries, is enthusiastic about hosting an event that nurtures anglers’ aspirations both in competition and beyond. With the support of a national publication, the series promises unparalleled media exposure for deserving anglers, complemented by attractive prizes. Sign ups starting early October at

For more details or to place orders, visit Headwaters Adventure Company in Redding, California, or call 530-223-2411 for shipping options.

BAM Kayak Trail Dates and Lakes:

  • Tulloch– Motherlode Lake, Starting later in the season for angler safety/enjoyment. 03/09/2024
  • Rollins– Diverse Body of Water, Smaller Lake, Ample time of year. 04/20/2024
  • Trinity– One of the best fisheries on the West Coast. 06/22/2024
  • Delta– Possibility of Open launch if Single Launch will be in Co-co county. 09/07/2024
  • No Entry Fee Championship @ Berryessa– Single Launch, Top 25 09/28-09/29/2024


For Questions concerning the kayak trail contact Michael Bray

For Media Enquiries contact Mark Lassagne