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Chris Parks Widens Lead at Columbia River in BAM Tournament Trail Pro/Am Will Harris Holds Co-Angler Top-Spot

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By Jody Only

BOARDMAN, Ore. – Although there was some shuffling of positions on the pro side of the standings for Day Two at the Columbia River, Chris Parks of Eugene, Ore. not only remained in control of the lead, he also widened his gap by more than four-pounds over his nearest competitor adding his second five-fish limit of 23.73 for a two-day total of 45.77 at the 4th BAM Tournament Trail Pro/Am stop presented by the Boardman Chamber of Commerce.

“It’s been an awesome couple of days out there and I’ve been able to run my boat all over the place, which is a big thing, because I’m running 50 to 60 miles to make my first cast,” Parks stated. “Tomorrow, it’s supposed to be blowing 9 mph in the morning and increase up to 15 mph, so there is going to be 3- to 4-footers out there by mid-day and that’s a lot of miles to do in the wind.”

Regardless of the increased gusts, Parks plans to make the trek to the “long stretch of rock” that he has been targeting but feels he may need to make an adjustment to his presentation due to the change in conditions.

“I have been throwing small down baits; but tomorrow I may be able to throw something moving,” he said. “They will still eat a down bait in the wind; but it is just a little harder on the angler to make the cast and feel the bite, so I may be grabbing a few different clubs tomorrow.”

Harris Holds Columbia’s Co Lead

Putting together a 2nd day’s limit of 15.91 for a combined total of 33.33, Will Harris of Columbia City, Ore., continues to hold the top-spot on the co-angler side, stretching his lead to more than three-pounds. Harris was paired with Parks for his Day Two draw partner and reported having to slow down his game plan.

“I could not get them to bite topwater or reaction baits at all – just catching small fish on that” he said. “I just got a few of the right bites and lucked into some good ones on some bottom baits.”

As the pro and co leaders, Parks and Harris will be paired together for Championship Sunday; leaving Harris to expect the same type of “slower” fishing.

“Maybe I will try to throw a spinnerbait in the wind,” he added. “I’ll just grind for bites and focus on the next one.”

The BAM Tournament Trail Columbia River Pro / Am Champions will be crowned on Sunday. Tune in for the live weigh-in, to cheer on your favorite angler. More insight on the event can be found at the BAM TT site.

Championship Sunday’s Top-10 Field

Pro Angler


1 Chris Parks 05.00 05.62 22.04 05.00 05.42 23.73 45.77
2 Jacob Anderson 05.00 05.70 19.84 05.00 04.88 21.73 41.57
3 Gary Posten 05.00 17.15 05.00 05.42 21.92 39.07
4 Ben Hanes 05.00 06.70 20.80 05.00 04.26 18.00 38.80
5 Dave Kromm 05.00 05.64 18.22 05.00 04.18 19.99 38.21
6 Sean Minderman 05.00 05.22 17.74 05.00 05.02 18.27 36.01
7 Jake Boomer 05.00 18.95 05.00 16.96 35.91
8 Donny Biagi 05.00 17.04 05.00 18.40 35.44
9 Ron Wiseman 05.00 16.43 05.00 04.64 18.62 35.05
10 Darryl Burkhardt 05.00 04.77 18.07 05.00 04.60 16.72 34.79


1 Will Harris 05.00 04.67 17.42 05.00 04.75 15.91 33.33
2 Joe Cote 05.00 04.98 14.88 05.00 04.82 15.24 30.12
3 Tommy Rice 05.00 16.24 05.00 13.13 29.37
4 Mike Swearngin 05.00 12.12 05.00 03.16 16.16 28.28
5 Troy Mays 05.00 11.75 05.00 04.81 15.59 27.34
6 Sean Omalley 04.00 08.42 05.00 04.00 18.74 27.16
7 Rodney Brown 05.00 13.24 05.00 13.76 27.00
8 Scott Wightman 05.00 04.46 16.04 05.00 10.93 26.97
9 Ugene Downing 05.00 03.93 13.45 05.00 04.04 13.41 26.86
10 Will Wyman 05.00 15.44 05.00 11.30 26.74



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