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Bass Angler Magazine New Tournament Trail Dates and Info!

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Bass Angler Magazine New Tournament Trail Dates and Info!

Bass Angler Magazine New Tournament Trail Dates and Info!

Bass Angler Magazine Tournament Trail (BAMTT) is born.

I love to fish, and competing is in my blood; I’ve been fishing tournaments for about 30 years. Within this time, I built Bass Angler Magazine to share other anglers’ methods to catch more bass. The goal is to provide articles not found in other media while building a business that allows me to embody the dream of making a living in the fishing industry.

There are times in life when things just happen. This is one of those times.

During the past few years of running a national magazine people have asked me to start my own tournament circuit. My answer has always been a stern no! I’m busy enough (and when I’m not working, I’m fishing); running a new business would take away from that.

But, and a resounding but … the tournament circuit I’ve been fishing the last few years—which has been essential in helping build my resume—ran into some issues and closed up shop.

The collapse of this tournament series created deep ramifications for all the anglers who supported the trail. A large group of anglers who were building their fishing career upon this tournament trail now must choose another venue that may not be as conducive to their needs.

Pro-Ams – With a No Entry Fee Championship

#1 – Feb 23-25, Lake Shasta – Entry Due Feb 13 – $50 Late Fee Feb 14-19 – Entry Cutoff Feb 19

#2 – March 15-17 Oroville – Entry Due March 5 – $50 Late Fee March 6-11 – Entry Cutoff March 11

#3 – April 26-28 Delta – Entry Due April 26 – $50 Late Fee April 27-8 – Entry Cutoff April 22

#4 – Tri-Cities – June 28-30 – Entry Due June 18 – $50 Late Fee June 19-24– Entry Cutoff June 24

#5 – Clear Lake October 4-6 – Entry Due Sept 23 – $50 Late Fee Feb 13-18 – Entry Cutoff Sept 30

#6 – Berryessa Nov 15-17– No Entry Championship (2-day off limits and 2-day practice)

Special Event May 17-19 Delta – INFO TBA

BAM Pro-Am Event Info

  • No Entry Fee Championship
  • Mandatory in-Person meeting Thursday afternoon prior to the event
  • Approximately a 90% payback (85% of entry after TOC, BF and AOY)
  • 150 boat maximum
  • Entry $785 pro includes BF, AOY and TOC ($100 – TOC, 10-AOY, 20-BF)
  • Entry $385 co includes BF, AOY and TOC ($50 – TOC, 5-AOY, 10-BF)
  • Entry deposit $100 pro / $50 Co per event
  • $1000 pro BF (day 1 and 2)*
  • $500 co BF (day 1 and 2) *
  • Pro Prize 1st $14k 1st – 15th $1.1k
  • Co Prize – 1st $6.8k – 15th $544
  • Trophies to the top 5 and BF
  • Cut to the top 20 weight carries over
  • Co-angler, priority based upon date signed up for an event
  • Pro-Am Entry fee due 10 days prior to the event start
  • $50 late fee 4 to 9 days prior to event
  • Entry deposits will be forfeited 4 days prior to the event.
  • Checks paid at the ramp unless restricted by the lake / agency where a check will be mailed no later than 5 business day following the event.
  • 2-day off-limits and 2-day practice
  • 3- Day event, all anglers fish day1 and 2, day 3 we cut to the top twenty or the money line whichever is lower.
  • Non-shared weight format – each angler will catch their own fish.
  • Nets are allowed.
  • 5 events 1 throw out for championship and AOY.
  • Top 25 qualify (Top 20 in points plus 5 win and you’re in) for the no entry TOC where everyone gets paid (pro and co)
  • AOY pro receives the next years entries plus a $1000* cash or merchandise prize.
  • AOY co receives the next years entries plus a $500* cash or merchandise prize.
  • *AOY, BF and Championship calculations based on 100 boats.

Must be a member to fish, BAM TT Membership $69 includes a year (4 issues) of Bass Angler, T-Shirt and 3 decals.

85% Payback for both pro and co. We will make every effort to pay at the ramp, otherwise payments will be made within 5 business days after the event. Payments can be sent electronically or by check at the angler’s discretion.

BAM Kayak Tour

#1 Tulloch March 9

#2 Rollins April 20

#3 Trinity June 22

#4 Delta CC Sept 7

#5 Berryessa Sept 28-29

Kayak Event Info

  • Entry $155
  • $1000 BF*
  • 85% Payback
  • Set up entry deadline Friday prior
  • TourneyX platform with a $5 fee per event
  • 4 events 1 throw out for both the championship and AOY.
  • Top 24 qualify (Top 20 in points plus 4 win and you’re in) for the no entry TOC where everyone gets paid.
  • Four days off limits – Mon-Thursday Prior with one practice day Friday before the Saturday event.
  • Single or dual motors are allowed.
  • Payments will be made after the event in an electronic form where possible otherwise a check will be mailed with in 5 days business days after the event.
  • There will be an open launch with a set awards ceremony site.
  • Pre-tournament meeting will be a Facebook live meet the Friday prior.
  • AOY receives the next years entries plus a cash or merchant prize (prize base upon event entries)
  • Top 5 and big fish in each event will receive a trophy or plaque.
  • AOY for each circuit will receive a trophy.

BAM TT Membership $69 per year, includes a year of Bass Angler Magazine, decal, and tee shirt.

Media coverage:

Pro-Am’s and Pro events, results shown on

Kayak, TourneyX results shown on our site as well as TourneyX

Each day an event story will be covered / posted on by and

Final event story will be covered by BAM sites and sent to various media sources giving anglers coverage across the nation.

Pro-Am events will have at least one camera boat covering anglers on the water with video, live coverage and still images.

Pro Tour will have two camera boats where we will produce a one-hour show highlighting several anglers on YouTube and various streaming platforms.

Pro and Pro-Am events will have various videos posted on YouTube and social channels.

All three circuits and anglers will receive coverage in the print and online magazine.

BAM Pro Tour

#1 April 5-7 AZ – Roosevelt Entry Due March 4 – $100 Late Fee March 5-26 – Entry Cutoff March 26

#2 May 31 – Jun 2 CA – Almanor Entry Due May 1 – $100 Late Fee May 2-21 – Entry Cutoff May 21

#3 August 2-4 OR – Boardman / Arlington Entry Due July 3 – $100 Late Fee July 4 – 23 – Entry Cutoff July 23

#4 Sept 20-22 CA – Oroville Afterbay Entry Due August 21 – $100 Late Fee August 22 – Sep 10 Entry Cutoff Sept 10

Kayak Championship Cal Delta October 24-26

BAM Pro-Tour Event Info

The BAM pro tour is an invitation only trail. Invitations are obtained by finishing in the top 10 in AOY points for the 2024 Pro-Am season.*

In 2023 our inarguable season we invited the 2022 WWBT Apex anglers, the top 12 form the WWBT Pro-Am Trail, top 12 from the MLF Western Tour and the top 12 from the Won Bass Pro-Ams.

*There is also a sponsor exemption clause where we may accept anglers based upon a sponsors participation and recommendation.

  • Four events – no throw-out
  • Entry can be paid for show up points.
  • Payback 1 in 3 – One third the field receives a check.
  • Entry Fee $2250
  • $500 deposit per event paid by
  • Big Bass $25 per entry pays 1 big bass $1000.
  • AOY $50 per entry receives the next year’s entry fees ($9000) plus cash.
  • Championship ($250 per person per event towards the championship)
  • Event payback 40 boats 1st is $20k – last check $2600 see spreadsheet.
  • Entry due 32 days prior to the first day, $100 late fee day 29 to day 10, Day 9 deposit is forfeited.
  • Late fee waiver grace period is one event.
  • 32 Day off-limits, (4 weeks and 4 days, starts on Monday) Off-limits days will be listed on FB along with a reminder notice will be sent via SMS and Email.
  • Once off-limits starts there will be a no information rule in place.
  • Prior to off-limits the lake is open to fish with anyone you like.
  • No Practice days
  • 3-day event, cut to top 10 the last day
  • Final day weight cut to zero and judged on weight.
  • TourneyX platform
  • 1 Media / Commentary Day – Final Sunday,
  • Hybrid format (Weight / Keepers) (weight breaks keeper ties)
  • Trophies to the top 5 plus big bass
  • Check paid at the ramp unless restricted by lake / agency.
Trophies and Plaques

Pro Tour 4 events and a championship – 1 trophy for each event (5)

Pro Tour Angler of the Year Trophy (1)

Pro Tour Big Fish plaque (5)

Pro Tour – 2nd to 5th plaque (20)

Pro Am 5 events and a championship – 1 trophy for each event pro (6) and am (6)

Pro Am Angler of the Year Trophy, pro and am (2)

Pro Am Big Fish plaque, pro and am (12)

Pro Am 2nd to 5th plaque pro and am (48)

Kayak 4 events and a championship, plaque 1st to 5th (25)

Kayak Angler of the year plaque (1)

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