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BAM Tournament Trail Heads to Boardman, Oregon for Pro-Am Stop 4

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The BAM Tournament Trail is making its way to Boardman, Oregon, for Pro-Am Stop 4. Anglers will have the chance to compete on the legendary Columbia River, renowned for its abundant and sizable smallmouth bass. This iconic waterway promises thrilling competition and impressive catches, as anglers vie for top honors.  Sign up here

 The Columbia River: Smallmouth Paradise

The Columbia River has fantastic fishing this time of year, particularly for smallmouth bass. With its plentiful fish population, the river is a favorite among professional and amateur anglers alike. Competitors in the BAM Tournament Trail can look forward to catching big smallies on a variety of lures from top water poppersglide baitscrankbaitschatterbaitsspinnerbaits to small swimbaits and dropshot worms.

The spawn is over, and the bass have made their way into the current chasing most every bait fish that lives in the Columbia from gobies, pike minnow, shad to shiners. Looks for smallies along ledges, current breaks, outside weed lines and shallow flats.

Exploring the Backwaters for Largemouth Bass

For those willing to venture beyond the main river channels, the backwaters of the Columbia River offer a hidden treasure trove of largemouth bass. These areas, often less crowded, can yield the winning catch for savvy anglers who know where to look. The challenge lies in exploring these secluded spots while avoiding too much competition from fellow anglers.

Event Highlights

Great payback the BAM Trail pays back over 80% where checks will be issued at the ramp on the final day. Bass Boat Technologies highest finisher will receive an extra $250, Highest finishing Garmin angler will receive up to $500, Tackle Warehouse is providing gift cards of $250 and $500 for a luck angler. See rules for specific details.

Top Ten – All anglers will fish on days one and two then on day three we will cut to the top ten or the money line.

The Pro-Am Stop 4 on the BAM Tournament Trail is set to be an unforgettable event, with several key highlights to look forward to:

BAM Camera Crew on Site: The BAM camera crew will be on location, capturing all the action and excitement of the tournament. From the initial cast to the final weigh-in, every moment will be documented for fans and followers.

Custom BAM Stage for Weigh-Ins: Anglers will weigh in their catches on the custom BAM stage, adding a professional and thrilling atmosphere to the event. This stage setup enhances the experience for both participants and spectators, ensuring a memorable conclusion to each day of competition.

Massive Media Reach: Taking full advantage of BAM’s extensive media reach, the event will be broadcasted widely, allowing fishing enthusiasts from around the world to follow the action. This extensive coverage ensures that the achievements of participating anglers receive the recognition they deserve.

Presented By

This event is proudly presented by the Boardman Chamber of Commerce, Tackle Warehouse, and Bass Boat Technologies. Their generous support and partnership make this stop on the BAM Tournament Trail possible, providing anglers with the opportunity to compete on one of the best fisheries in the country.


Pro-Am Stop 4 on the BAM Tournament Trail promises to be a spectacular event on the Columbia River in Boardman, Oregon. With the potential for big smallmouth bass and the opportunity to uncover winning largemouth in the backwaters, anglers are in for a thrilling competition. The presence of the BAM camera crew, the custom weigh-in stage, and BAM’s giant media reach will elevate the experience, making this a must-watch event for fishing fans everywhere. Don’t miss out on the excitement as the BAM Tournament Trail continues its journey to crown the best anglers in the sport! Sign up here


About BAM Tournament Trail

The Bass Angler Magazine Tournament Trail (BAM TT) is an exclusive west coast pro level tournament circuit. BAM TT delivers multiple opportunities to showcase the talents of western anglers on several professional platforms.

As BAM TT continues to provide and refine a platform of elite events for competitive anglers, it creates a logical avenue for sponsors to have direct contact with our west coast anglers. BAM TT is dedicated to creating a complete package of advertising opportunities including on-site activation, internet/social media, and a YouTube and TV series that reaches a large number of viewers each day.

BAM TT is honored to be associated with its title sponsor, Bass Boat Technologies, and presenting sponsor, Tackle Warehouse. The trail is also supported by StorquestGarminBass Cat BoatsFord FairfieldDish – Accell Marketing, Power PoleMercury OutboardsBob’s MachineWood Bros, Sticky Graphics, Jean Deleonardi Real Estate, Valley OutdoorsEternal LithiumAlpha Angler Rods, and Fisherman’s Warehouse.

The BAM TT tourism sponsors: City of OakleyLake Almanor Chamber, the Boardman Chamber, and the Feather River Tourism Association.

Tournament events include BAM Pro Tour, Pro-Am and a Kayak Tour with a no entry Championship can be viewed on YouTube.  Learn more here: BAM TRAIL, FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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