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BAM Tournament Trail Acquires Title Sponsor

Oct 13, 2023News0 comments

(Dixon, CA September 18, 2023) Bass Boat Technologies Signs on for multiple years as the Title Sponsor for Bass Angler Magazine Tournament Trail (BAMTT)

Bass Boat Technologies, the leading innovator in custom graph mounts designed for avid anglers, has proudly announced its partnership with Bass Angler Magazine as a multi-year title sponsor for the upcoming Bass Angler Magazine Tournament Trail.

“We are thrilled to embark on this exciting partnership with Bass Angler Magazine and to support a tournament trail that has grown to be a premier competition among west coast angling enthusiasts,” said Van Foster, CEO of Bass Boat Technologies. “Our commitment to enhancing the angling experience aligns perfectly with the values and goals of the BAMTT, making this an ideal collaboration.”

“The BAMTT is all about elevating the sport of bass fishing, offering a professional platform for anglers to grow and challenge themselves,” said Mark Lassagne, Founder of Bass Angler Magazine. “We are excited to welcome Bass Boat Technologies as the perfect fit for our title sponsor and are confident that their involvement will enrich the experience for all involved.”

About Bass Boat Technologies

Bass Boat Technologies, founded in 2011, was the very first to build mounts for externally mounted sonar units for the boats’ driver consoles and bow. Bass Boat Technologies is at the forefront in enhancing angling experiences through innovative advanced technological solutions.

Van Foster, “After fishing the FLW Tour for four years as a co-angler and last year as a professional, riding in most every make and model boat and water conditions, I noticed all the anglers had the same problem, keeping their GPS/Sonar units from moving all over the place at high speeds and in rough water or they were stuck looking through their steering wheel to see their in-dash units. My goal was to create a new mounting system that was user friendly, rugged, and looked factory professional.”

Anglers can now look at console mounted GPS/Sonar units from a totally different mindset than in the past.

With Van Foster at the helm Bass Boat Technologies has created custom professional mounts for most every make bass boat on the market and continues each day striving to improve mounting solutions with a full proof easy to install mounting system that not only protects your expensive Sonar/GPS, but also gives you a clear view of your units while driving.

About Bass Angler Magazine Tournament Trail (BAMTT)

Bass Angler Magazine Tournament Trail (BAM TT) is an exclusive west coast pro level tournament circuit. BAM TT delivers multiple opportunities to showcase the talents of western anglers on several professional platforms.

As BAMTT continues to provide and refine a platform of elite events for competitive anglers, it simultaneously creates a logical avenue for sponsors to have direct contact with our west coast customers. BAM TT is dedicated to creating a complete package of advertising opportunities including on-site activation,internet/social media, and a YouTube series that reaches a large number of viewers each day.

For more information, please visit Bass Boat Technologies at Website and Bass Angler Magazine at

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– Bass Angler Magazine Tournament Trail: Mark Lassagne, 925-362-3190