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Bam Tour Podcast Question and Answer with Mark Lassagne

Dec 12, 2023Pro Tour0 comments

Episode Summary

Mark Lassagne in this podcast discusses the The BAM Tour with Questions and answers about the upcoming events and much more.

Episode Notes

Mark Lassagne is a well-known name in the world of bass fishing, has been organizing the Bass Angler Magazine (BAM) tour for the last six months. The tour is highly anticipated by many western anglers, and we had the opportunity to ask Mark a few questions about the upcoming tour.

Q: What can we expect from the upcoming BAM tour?

Mark Lassagne: The BAM tour will be an exciting event for both the anglers and the fans. This year, we have some of the best anglers in the country competing, so the competition will be fierce.

Mark delves into why he took on the challenge of creating a new circuit and what he intends to accomplish with the tour. Who was invited to the pro tour and why? What the payback will be, the championship, the format, the field the media and more.

We’re also excited to introduce some new features to the tour, including live streaming of the weigh-ins, anglers interviews on and off the water, press releases with anglers before during and after each event, and more opportunities for fans to interact with the anglers.

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