Inaugural Season

Jake Boomer

Professional Angler

West Coast Competitive Angler and President of Alpha Angler Fishing. Jake is extremely grateful to be part of this industry as a sponsored angler, business owner and industry influencer. Pursuit of excellence in angling, fatherhood and business are Jake's main motivators.


Career Top Win #1: LOM Shootout 2020 `

Career Top Win #2: ABA Championship - Columbia River

Career Top Win #3: Northwest Bass - Banks Lake

Career Top 10 Finish #1: NPFL - Harris Chain 2nd Place

Career Top 10 Finish #2: NPFL - Kissimmee 8th Place

Career Top 10 Finish #3: WWBT Columbia River 4th Place

Career Earnings: 150,000

My Gear

Boat: Phoenix

Motor: Suzuki

Shallow Water Anchor: Power-Pole

Electronics: Humminbird

Batteries: Lithium Pro

BAM Events