Inaugural Season

Jake Arbuckle

Professional Angler

I grew up in the central valley of CA. My love of the outdoors began as a child fishing with my parents on the CA Delta and Steelhead fishing on the Klamath River. It wasn't until my teenage years that I started bass fishing, and I was instantly hooked. By the time I was 17, I had purchased my first bass boat, and as soon as I turned 18, I started fishing the WON Bass Pro/AM's. I fished as an AM, learning about the dynamics of tournaments and the experience of others, and after only a couple years, moved to the front of the boat. In 2009, I took a step back from the Pro/AM's to focus on raising my family. I continued fishing, but slowed down. I took the time to be a father and husband, sharing the passion of the outdoors with them. In 2019, my son graduated high school and my wife pushed my to get back into fishing at the top level, as it has always been a passion of mine and something I strive for.


Career Top Win #1: 5 Career wins

Career Top 10 Finish #1: 11 Top 10 Finishes

Career Earnings: 60,000.00

My Gear

Truck: Chevrolet

Boat: Vexus

Motor: Mercury

Shallow Water Anchor: Minn Kota Talon

Electronics: Garmin

Batteries: Battle Born

BAM Events